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I have volunteered at the daycare every summer back to back and sometimes even during the school year. Being at St. Bart’s and working with the children and getting to know certain families has also inspired me in my own life to pursue a career in the early childhood education field where I now as well am currently working with children. Every year that I have been there has been nothing but memorable and has made me so appreciative of the fact that I got to be free in my play as a child and be outside with my friends and just have fun. The Centre it has helped me be a sociable person as well and has taught me how to b a better teacher to my students because of the interactions I have had as a an attendee with my teachers and also when I was a staff at St. Bart’s as well. This place has helped learned valuable lessons being that I am now a teacher on how to proper form better relations with my students and their families and because of these experience I am who I am today and I will forever be grateful for them and recommend any family who is looking for care for their children to bring them to St. Bart’s. 


Keren Ogie

Former Child, Student, Volunteer

SBCC was the place I looked forward to attending after school, and this was when it was just a drop in centre. During the summer months, I couldn't wait for our Tuesday swimming trips, water play Wednesdays, and Thursday trips to centre ville, Thorncliffe bowlerama and my personal favorite Canada's wonderland. Even the educational trips we took to places like Fort York, black creek pioneer village and the science centre were fun, even if I didn't completely appreciate it at the time. Last but definitely not least is all the baking, arts and crafts I participated in. I throughly enjoyed every moment of it. In fact, I still have some of the crafts we made to this very day. I would definitely send my children to SBCC, not only did it nurture my creative side, it also improved my social skills and my ability to communicate with my peers. Overall, my time at SBCC has definitely stuck with me. When I think back to my childhood, a huge part of that took place at the center and I will never forget it

Michell Mark

Former Child, Volunteer, Student, Cook

I was seeing Amy walking the kids school every morning without knowing her or being a part of the daycare and I would say hello. I always saw her doing such a great job with the kids and it made me feel happy in the neighbourhood. Now my kids are a part of the centre and the love it. We love the staff, the activities, the toys and the food. We received so much support in many different ways. We also felt so safe return to the daycare during the pandemic because we know that the staff put so much into making sure everything was safe. Thank you SBCC staff. It's the safest place in our community and it really is close to our home and close to our heart, always. Thank you all for what you do!! It has changed our lives for the better."

Lola Lawson


The nicest thing that ever happened to me during my childhood was growing up at SBCC. It's a location where I got to know a lot of wonderful people who are now close friends. It was a nice place for me to go, have fun and pass the time. When I needed assistance with my schoolwork, I could always go to the centre and ask the staff for it. They provide me with support. Not only was it an after-school program, but summertime was my favourite season to visit. Every day would be exciting and interesting, so I couldn't wait to visit SBCC in the summer. As a child, the trips were the best you could have imagined. SBCC would host a fun fair around the end of the school year, and I always looked forward to coming there. My childhood wouldn't have been as great as I believe it was if it weren't for SBCC.

Nephthali Muntaba-Pape
Former Child

My son attended this daycare for their before/after school & summer programs and loved every second about it! Located in the heart of Regent Park, the centre has exposed my child to all extra curricular activities, field trips and excursions in the city and kept him safe at all times. I highly recommend this program/daycare for any parent out there that’s looking for a trustworthy site that will keep their children well fed, safe and secure. I never had any problems and I can’t wait for my son to rejoin once there’s space. I would love to give a special shout out to Sandy and Amy for their generosity and warmth towards myself and my family! Love and respect always! Xoxo


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